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Xayah Acrylic Keychain

Xayah Acrylic Keychain

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Perfect for use as a keychain, or to clip on your lanyard, backpack, clothing, itabag, and more! This beautiful and sturdy acrylic keychain makes a perfect gift for any video game and anime fan. Also, because this item is fan created, it features unique artwork which cannot be found anywhere else. This design is made only in limited quantities, and is guaranteed to be a unique and special gift for someone special. Or as a collector's item to add to your collection!

This acrylic keychain features a premium glitter epoxy coating. This makes the acrylic material extra durable and prevents any damage or chipping from occurring to the printed artwork on the acrylic. (Artwork chipping away and rubbing off from normal wear and usage is a common issue with many official and fan made acrylic charms.) With the premium epoxy coating, you can have the peace of mind that the artwork will be preserved, and will not come off from regular usage over time.

This keychain also features a shiny silver coloured D-clasp keychain so that it is easy to secure, attach, and fasten. It is also easy to manually remove and re-attach at anytime.

  • Material: Clear acrylic
  • Double-sided; image is same on front and back
  • Finish: Glitter epoxy coating on single side
  • Size: Approximately 5-6 cm/2 inch
  • Attachment: D-clasp keychain
  • Colours may vary between your monitor's colours and the physical product
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