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AE86 Collection Vol1 Vinyl Stickers FULL SET [16 PCS]

AE86 Collection Vol1 Vinyl Stickers FULL SET [16 PCS]

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Artwork is printed on a white vinyl sticker.

Vinyl sticker is waterproof, weather resistant, and dishwasher safe.

Our vinyl stickers are made from 3M industrial grade materials and supplies.  

Great for sticking on your car bumper, windows, laptops, hydroflasks or wherever you please!

  • Durable vinyl sticker
  • Max length: 3 inches
  • Waterproof
  • Weather resistant
  • Gloss finish

The cars are listed below:

Row1 (L-R):
Advan Inter TEC Group A
TRD N2 Levin
Akira lida Levin
Carland86 AE85

Row2 (L-R):
Drift King Keiichi Tsuchiya Dorikin
Ken Maeda Up Garage D1G
Black Limited
Katsuhiro Ueo Cusco Yuke's D1GP

Row3 (L-R):
Tec-Arts N2 Trueno
Initial D Takumi Fujiwara
Kaicho-san Running Free Trueno
USDM Silver Corolla GT-S

Row4 (L-R):
Tetsuyo Hibino SunRise D1GP
Impulse N2 Levin
Initial D Shinji Inui Coupe
Taka Aono Falken Formula D Corolla

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