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Ship Waifus Acrylic Standees FULL SET [14 PCS]

Ship Waifus Acrylic Standees FULL SET [14 PCS]

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This listing is for a full set, 14 piece collection of Azur Lane acrylic standees designed by the artist NayukiDraws. You get a discount for purchasing the entire set!

Perfect for use as a standee or figure to display on your desk, shelf, or display case. Or clip on your itabag, or hang as an ornament on your Christmas tree, or around your house

  • Material: Clear acrylic.
  • Double-sided; image is same on front and back
  • Size: Approximately 10 cm / 4 inch
  • Attachment: D-clasp keychain
  • Colours may vary between your monitor's colours and the physical product

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